Update: The suspect has been arrested in El Paso, Texas, 42-year-old Andrew Serna is now in custody.

An 82-year-old woman is safely home after she was kidnapped, left at a convenience store after stealing her vehicle.

The kidnapping began on Monday afternoon at the victim's house off Shalem Colony Trail in Las Cruces. The woman told police that she was mowing her lawn when she saw a man she did not know exit her home from a back door. She also said her Chevy appeared to have been moved out of her carport.

The man claimed to have scared off a burglar from the woman's backyard then offered to take the woman to the sheriff’s office to report the incident. The woman said the man had her car keys in his hand. The woman agreed because she thought he was being truthful and wanted to make a police report.

Then the man rerouted and took her to Fairacres Elementary School where the man stated the police were meeting them. After staying there he then drove to a nearby convenience store where he walked inside with the women and left her there. Police were then called out and arrived at the store where the woman was scared but calm.