A lot of military families have trouble finding people to watch their pets while they are deployed and now there is a website hoping to make this difficult time easier. 

Getty Images/ Scott Olson

Dogs On Deployment is a website that aims to bring military families and potential animals boarders together to help them ease the stress of having to be deployed and leave their furry best friends behind. No dog should have to be put into a shelter because their military owner doesn't have someone willing to watch their pet while their overseas. They also work to help promote better, life-long ownership of pets by:

  • Advocating for military pet owner rights on military installations
  • Providing educational resources for military members about responsible pet ownership
  • Granting financial assistance to military members for help with their pet's care during emergencies
  • Promoting healthy pet lifestyles, including spay and neuter, insurance options and vaccinations
  • Connecting with community organizations to ensure Dogs on Deployment resources are available to military families

Dogs On Deployment also wants to try and get animal boarders who offer their homes to military pets near every military base in America, increase the rights of pet owners in the military, organize local businesses to give incentives and discounts to pet owners in the military and assist qualified military personnel with medical expenses related to owning a pet.

You can check out the Dogs On Deployment website to browse pets needing to be boarded and to see boarders in your area who are willing to take in your animal while you are overseas. Many owners are also willing to send their animals on planes to get to a home to be taken care of. The stress of deployment can affect many families, and this is just one way you can try and make it easier on them. Dogs On Deployment also take donations, encourage participation in community events and look for volunteers to raise awareness for military pets rights and for their cause.