"The Most Advanced Laser Vision Technology in El Paso"

Every year, nearly a million Americans choose to have laser vision correction. Their reasons are varied and include gaining greater freedom from the hassles and expense of glasses and contacts, enjoyment of athletics and activities without being held back by corrective eyewear or just even to be seen by the world without thick heavy glasses in the way. For every individual, the choice to have laser vision correction is a very personal one.

Sun Laser Vision Center is committed to providing you with the personalized knowledge you need to make your decision. Call their office to set up a comprehensive LASIK consultation. There is no charge for the visit. They will answer all of your questions, give you a tour of their state-of-the-art center and assess whether you are a good candidate for surgery using their advanced diagnostic technology.

They at Sun Laser Vision dedicated to providing you with professional, individualized care using the safest, most advanced technology available. Dr. Foote is the only LASIK surgeon in El Paso who both has fixed on-site lasers and performs all pre- and post-operative care for all patients. They provide a comprehensive platform of laser corrective procedures including all laser LASIK using the Intralase IFS laser, EpiLASIK, traditional LASIK, Intacs intracorneal ring segments and femtosecond laser corneal transplantation. All treatments are individually tailored using Custom Vue wavefront technology.

Call or email their office and take the first step in gaining a life with greater freedom from contacts and glasses!