Summer is all about sun, fun, and good times! But sometimes you may want to take advantage of some great summer learning…That’s right learning!

We often hear that our brains are a muscle and if we don’t exercise it – it can become soft, lazy and not a bright as it can be.

Don’t let your brain go to mush! Keep it at its best through continued education. And keep in mind that you can still learn and have fun at the same time. Who said learning had to be boring!

For example, you can take a self defense class get strong, learn about self safety and be the better for it!

Interested? Well, Utep is offering an awesome community enrichment program for adults with a good variety of courses. And the best part is some of these courses are offered on-line too!

Choose from: Arts, Crafts, Aquatics, Health and Wellness, Photography, Dance, Music and much more!

You can find out more HERE, check out their full summer catalog and even register on-line!

Happy Learning and Work that Brain Muscle My Friends!