The former City Hall building will be imploded Sunday morning, just one day after the iconic Asarco smelter smokestacks were brought down. It will take about eight seconds or so for the building, which had served as the city's headquarters since 1979, to sink into the ground. And if you'd rather watch it disappear into a cloud of dust in person than on your TV screen, here are a few places that lend themselves to some good viewing.

For a birds eye view of the implosion, head up to Tom Lea Park off of Rim Road. Sure, you could get closer to the noise and destruction, but you can't beat the scenery from up there. Just don't get too close to the edge trying to get the money shot. That's what the zoom lens is for!

Other good locations I've been told about include outside of Union Plaza right next to the Union Plaza Train Depot, the intersection of San Antonio and Durango, and the intersection of Franklin and Oregon.

Demolition of the 10-story building is scheduled for 9 a.m. Sunday. After the walls come crumbling down, the debris will take about two weeks to clean up and then construction of the downtown baseball stadium will begin.