Woman Arrested Trying to Trade Olive Garden Salad for Cocaine ... A 33-year-old unidentified Salt Lake City, Utah, woman approached an undercover officer trying to buy some cocaine after having dined at the Olive Garden.  The woman wanted ten bucks worth but only had $2 on her, so she offered the cop the cash plus her leftover Olive Garden salad!!! Olive Garden makes a delicious salad, for sure, but I'm not sure it's THAT good. The undercover cop evidently agreed because he was not impressed with her offer. So she sweetened the deal.

She promised to come back later with more money AND some Olive Garden gift cards if he’d hook her up right there and then. That amazing offer failed to impress as well and the cop placed her under arrest instead.

A Sears Employee Steals Boots, Arrested When He Wears Them Next Day ... An 18-year-old employee at a Sears in DeSoto County, Florida was busted for stealing a pair of boots from the store. And he was busted because he wore them to work … the very next day!!!

His supervisor apparently became suspicious when he showed up sportin’ the new footwear, so he checked the surveillance tape and found footage of the unidentified employee stealing the boots. The supervisor called the cops and the 18 year old was arrested for retail theft. I know employee theft is a big problem, but Sears should be more upset they hired someone this stupid.