HUH???!!! ... In case you need further proof government in America doesn’t know has no problem spending our hard earned money at the drop of a hat ... A guy in Somerset, New Jersey recently complained the city council there overcharged him four dollars when they charged him five dollars for a recording of their city council meeting.

The town disagreed so the man took them to court. Get this: Somerset spend $17,000 in legal fees to fight the four dollar refund ... AND LOST!!!

THIS SUCKED ... A woman in Green Bay got a reconditioned vacuum cleaner from her kids for Christmas, but it wasn’t working quite right – so she took it apart to clean it … and found $280,000 worth of crystal meth and cocaine inside the machine.

Police say the vacuum - which they think was reconditioned in Juarez, Mexico - was used to smuggle drugs into the U.S., but there was a mix-up somewhere along the line and nobody - including the store that sold the vacuum - noticed. I’ll tell you who DID notice. The poor guy somewhere out there trying to get high snorting carpet dust!!!