ROBBER vs. SAMURAI SWORD. WHO YOU GOT??? ... A man in South Carolina who's pulled off at least 14 convenience store robberies in the past year has finally been arrested thanks to a store clerk and his SAMURAI SWORD!!! And the security video is priceless ...

The police eventually found the guy hiding in some bushes not far from the store.

REAL MAN OF GENIUS ... Last month Hubert Blackman of New York City
was on vacation in Las Vegas, and called an escort service to arrange for some ... ahem ... company. The deal was arranged, she came to his room, and he paid her $155 for an hour. She did her thing then told him it for $120 more her mouth could get involved, if you know what I'm sayin' and I think you do. He said sure, she kept up her end of the bargain, he paid, and then left.

Afterwards, though, he was FURIOUS. He'd paid for an hour, but she took care of business and left in 30 minutes. So he called the company and asked for a refund. They refused, so he called the cops! Now keep in mind the services he paid for are illegal. And if you're doing something illegal and someone rips you off it's not very smart to go to the police.

They were nice enough not to arrest him, but told him there was nothing they can do about a hooker ripping him off. But instead of calling it an expensive lesson learned and moving on, Hubert flew back to New York and decided to SUE!!! He wants his $275 back, plus ... wait for it ... $1.8 MILLION for pain and suffering.

He says the whole incident has caused him mental problems. In a thought process only a Real Man of Genius can manufacture, quote, "An escort did an illegal sexual act on me during her paid service to me, and I almost [was] arrested."