REAL MEN OF GENIUS ... 1.) Two Geniuses in Orange County, Florida, thought they'd come up with a master plan after robbing a grocery store Wednesday: They called 911 to report a carjacking, hoping it would divert the cops.

The problem was, for some IDIOTIC reason, they described THEIR OWN getaway car as the car being jacked. Both men were charged with armed robbery and making a false report.

2.) An unidentified 21-year-old man from Brooklyn put up an ad on Craigslist, trying to sell his 2005 Nissan Maxima. He was promptly contacted by another man, 24 year old Valsyl Lazoryshyn, to set up a test drive.

Well, as soon as Valsyl got in the car he drove off, never to return again.But as fate would have it, this past Sunday, the seller was digging through Craigslist looking to replace his car and what does find? A 2005 Nissan Maxima for sale.

Yup, Valsyl was SO STUPID he went BACK to Craigslist four days later to sell the car he'd STOLEN off of Craigslist.

There aren't many DUMBER ways to get busted for car theft than this. So congratulations, 24-year-old Valsyl Lazoryshyn of Brooklyn, New York, you ARE a Real Man of Genius

WOMAN CALL 911 TO GET BOYFRIEND TO PROPOSE ... 40-year-old Ana Perez of Chicago called 911 late Sunday night to report that her boyfriend was attacking her.

But when police got there, Ana confessed that her boyfriend wasn't attacking her, she’d only called because she wanted to SCARE him into PROPOSING to her. Yeah, I’m not exactly sure how that logic works either.

Anna was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. As for the boyfriend, police say that he was in the process of breaking up with Ana and had no plans on proposing, cops or no cops.

FAIR GIVES KIDS INFLATABLE SEX TOYS ... Since New Zealand and sheep go hand-in-hand, the people running a fair in Nelson, New Zealand,wanted to give out sheep-related prizes to kids who came to the fair. So they decided to buy blow-up sheep dolls.

What they didn't realize was the kind they ordered were the kind of blow-up sheep dolls designed for inflatable simulated bestiality. Doh!So when the kids started inflating the sheep, they found out they were the kind with French maid's bonnets, blue eyes, long eye lashes and strategically placed holes.