2011 PREDICTIONS ... Toronto-based "Psychic to the Stars" Nikki - who claims to have predicted to Tiger Woods divorce and the Gulf oil spill, among others - has come out with her predictions for 2011.
Here are some of her better ones: George Clooney will get married, the Playboy mansion will burn down, Michelle Obama will become pregnant,Sarah Palin will get a divorce, and - get this - a Hollywood Starlet will give birth to a dwarf!

OK, here are mine: A celebrity will run afoul of the law, there will be a sex scandal in Washington, and a national fitness craze will ensue with the re-discovery of the Hokey-Pokey. Go ahead. Hold me to them.

WTW??? ... An Australia man pulled over for drunk driving tested five-times over the legal limit. When the police asked him why he was driving in that condition, he replied he didn’t realize he was driving.

REAL (WO)MAN OF GENIUS ... A woman in Spain is charged with faking her own kidnapping to test whether her husband loved her enough to pay a ransom. After disappearing, she sent him a photo of herself with her hands and feet tied and then texted a ransom demand and told him not to contact police.

Being male, he didn't listen to her and contacted police who tracked the woman down and found her in a mall shopping. I say look at the bright side: at least now she doesn’t have to cut off an ear to send him.

HUMAN FROGGER ... Clemson, South Carolina police report a 23-year old man hit by an SUV and seriously hurt trying to cross a busy intersection may have been playing a real-life version of the game ‘Frogger’.

The police chief said the man was standing on the corner talking to his friends about Frogger when he all of a sudden jumped into traffic and yelled ‘Go!'. Doctors say the man will survive, but he's down to two frogs. Hi-Yo! I'll be here all week.