MEXICAN GOVERNMENT'S GUIDE ON HOW TO STOP BEING SEXIST AT WORK ... Here in the U.S., we're all pretty well versed in what is and isn't sexual harassment. But in Mexico ... well, let's just say the men aren't quite there yet.  To help them get there, the government just released a 92 PAGE guide  -- titled 'The Manual For the Non-sexist Use of Language' -- on what you should and shouldn't say to women in the workplace. Here are some of the highlights:

--Don't tell female coworkers, quote, "You're prettier when you keep quiet."

--Do not ask a woman "If you want to work, why did you have children?"

--Don't refer to female staff members as POSSESSIONS. Like, if Pedro has a female employee, don't call her "Pedro's woman."

--Instead of saying, "Let's have the staff take their wives to dinner," say "The staff can go to dinner with their partners."

$1,050 SWIMSUIT CAN BE WORN NEAR WATER, NOT IN WATER … If you drop $1,050 on a designer, luxury bathing suit, you know you'll look good and stylish by the pool this summer. You know other women will be jealous of you by the pool this summer.

 But whatever you do, do NOT jump in the pool in the $1,050 designer, luxury bathing suit this summer!

 The company selling the $1,050 bathing suit made it pretty clear it’s for looking good ONLY, because an ad for the suit had the following disclaimer: "To get the best from your Herve Leger beachwear, we advise you do not wear it in the water."