KARMA AND IRONY ALL ROLLED UP IN ONE ... Three men driving around Kansas City, Missouri last week looking for people whose cars were stuck in the snow to rob, found out the meaning of “karma” and “irony” first hand when THEIR Chevrolet Suburban got stuck in the snow.

The police came to the scene because their Suburban matched the description robbery victims had given. Their investigation produced several credit cards of their victims, and everyone involved was charged with robbery and armed criminal action.


IT MUST'VE BEEN JUST A FLESH WOUND ... Ronnie Gregory of Syracuse, New York, was walking to the store last Thursday when a man started firing a gun at him. The guy managed to get Ronnie in the right leg, but Ronnie was still able to walk a few blocks to his house, and asked his wife to drive him to the hospital.

Well, apparently her husband's leg wound wasn't a life-or-death emergency worthy of driving to the hospital right away because Ronnie’s wife made TWO stops on the way to the hospital. First she stopped at an elementary school to pick up two of her kids, and then stopped again to pick up a third child at a high school.

Then, and only then, with the whole family all piled in the car she headed to the hospital. Seriously, ladies, is that REALLY the right time to knock out a few errands? Lucky for Ronnie his wife guessed right and his wound wasn't life threatening.