Pants On the Ground, Beer On the Parking Lot ... A Florida man running out of a convenience store with stolen beer lost his pants in the process. The beer bandit's pants came down after he tripped in the parking lot and landed face first on the pavement. 

Along with his pants, the guy lost his cans of Bud Light in the fall, but managed to get into a Chevy Malibu and take off. And here's the best part: The whole thing was caught on surveillance tape!!!

"This video cracks me up," said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said. "I can't get the song lyrics out of my head, 'Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground.'"

Two Men Try To Steal a Another Man's Wallet But Can't Thanks to His Super Tight Pants ... Here’s ANOTHER item to add to the pro-tight pants list. They FIGHT CRIME. I’ll explain: Last week, a 24-year-old man walking home in Hoboken, New Jersey was accosted by two men who tried to jack him at gunpoint.

But all they were able to steal was his cell phone because the guy’s pants were SO TIGHT they would-be thieves couldn't get it out. The cops are still looking for the cell phone thieves.

Credit Card Thief Busted After He Calls Companies To Make Sure Cards Active ... Angel Roman of Allentown, Pennsylvania steals credit cards for a living so he knows you'd better use it before your victim realizes it's gone and cancels it. Maybe that’s why when he stole several credit cards from his neighbor, Jessica Hernandez, he became worried she’d cancel the cards.

So Angel did what any Real Man of Genius in such a situation would do: he called up the credit card companies and asked if the cards were still active.

When the police were investigating the $7,400 worth of purchases he ran up, they found out about those calls, and matched the number to his cell phone. Angel was arrested and charged with burglary, criminal trespassing, theft by deception, receiving stolen property, forgery, and access device fraud.

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