REAL MAN OF JENIUS ... Cincinnati police are on the hunt for a man who assaulted an eight-month pregnant woman by hitting her with the butt of a gun. He should be fairly easy to spot. Police say he has the word ‘genius’ self-tattooed on his face. Only it’s spelled with a ‘j’ instead of a ‘g’. Can’t wait for the arrest and the inevitable viral mug shot!!!

YOUR CONFESSIONS? YUP, THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT ... The U.S. branch of the Catholic Church has given its blessing to an iPhone app named "Confession" that lets you confess your sins, then walks you through your penance. All for the low, low price of $1.99.

The Church does want to make it clear, however, the digital absolution is NOT a replacement for actually going to confession in person, but they think it will help Catholics engage in religion using new technology.

 Hey, maybe we can get them to give our occasional "Confession Wednesday" their blessing as well! Forgive me Mike & Tricia for I have sinned ... Whoa! Watch out for the lightening bolt!