REAL MEN OF GENIUS ... 1.) A 33 year old un-named Fort Walton Beach, Florida, man was walking around going door to door recently trying to get people to buy his food stamps. Someone called the cops, who soon rolled up and questioned him.

When he said he didn't have any stamps on him and he’d prove it by turning his pockets inside out, a small baggie with white residue fell out. He was arrested for misdemeanor narcotic possession. Who would've guessed a guy going door-to-door illegally selling food stamps ISN'T a criminal genius?

2.) In Dalton, Georgia, 19-year-olds Sebastian Love and Adrian Estrada smashed a liquor store’s window, and stole a bunch of liquor.

What these geniuses didn’t take into account was that it had just snowed that night, so as they walked back home to their apartment complex, they didn't realize they were leaving footprints in the snow. Footprints that went, literally, door-to-door from the liquor store to their apartment.

You really can't serve up a trail for the cops better than this. They were charged with burglary and criminal damage to property.

CALL THE COPS ON THESE CLOWNS!... Police in the Eastern European nation of Belarus were called in to arrest a bunch of clowns this week after audience members became upset at the poor quality of a traveling circus.

Spectators complained that the Russian performers were drunk, and repeatedly falling off bicycles, and dropping everything they were trying to juggle. They were also upset at the non-appearance of several exotic animals -- some of which, like the orc and the turanton, are so exotic they don't even exist. Police administered blood tests and found that the performers were sober, just completely untalented.