REAL MEN OF GENIUS ... Vermont state troopers pulled over 30-year-old Scott Patterson of Highgate, Vermont this past Sunday for driving erratically, and had him perform a few typical sobriety tests. For reasons known only to the Real Men of Genius mind, THAT was when … with the troopers less than 20 feet way …  his passengers - 30-year-old Kris Richards and 31-year-old Jason Beyor - decided would be a good time to SMOKE THEMSELVES SOME REEFER.

One of the troopers walked back over to the car, saw what the two bozos were up to, and arrested them for possesion. Meanwhile, Scott’s blood alcohol level was more than double the legal limit so he got hauled in for a DUI. 

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH TO REMOVE ALL REFERENCES TO 'BOOTY' ...  The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have conferred and decided to release a new version of the official English-language Catholic Bible. One that completely omits all references to the word BOOTY.

Now, of course, when the Bible says booty it's not in reference to, you know, dropping it like it's hot. It uses "booty" the way that we think of pirates using the word "booty", to refer to the riches you get from war. But the Catholic bishops now feel, "booty" is too evocative in the modern buttock context, so it's been replaced with the word "spoils."

For now, the booty dropping is only happening in the bishops' official version, the New American Bible, which comes out next week, on Ash Wednesday.