ROMANCE REPORT - Guys Like Girls Who Like Guy Humor: Women can be just as clueless as men sometimes. They go through so much trouble to get guys to notice and like them when all they really need to do is tell a fart joke or two. According to a survey of eHarmony's male users, guys like girls who have a guy's sense of humor.

More than 300,000 male users were asked and the majority said they like girls who are sarcastic, geeky, juvenile and raw. Basically, guys like to joke around with women the way they would with their buddies. Women, on the other hand, like guys who are sarcastic and dry.

Now, as for what kinds of jokes make people UNATTRACTIVE: For men, dark humor makes you 14% less attractive, being dirty and raw knocks you down 9%, and practical jokes also knock you down 9%. For women, POLITICAL humor makes you 12% less attractive, practical jokes make you 9% less, and being ironic knocks you down 4%.

OK, WE’RE AXING: What type of sense of humor do you like in a man?

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