LEAVE YOUR PROPOSAL AFTER THE BEEP: Waiting for an answer to the question "will you marry me?" is hard enough, but it's even tougher when you dial the wrong number. 

A British soldier made that mistake last week when he left a message on an answering machine he thought belonged to his girlfriend ... but instead reached a married mother of three. Diana Potts told the London's Sun she thinks the young man was calling from Afghanistan.  "He didn't say where he was, but he talked about a friend being blown up, so I'd assume he is somewhere in Afghanistan.

" She adds, "He sounded really young, only about 18. He said he would not be able to ring for another month, and that he wouldn't be home for another three months." The search is now on in London for the pregnant sweetheart he called "Samantha"

Listen to the emotional wrong number proposal here.