RELATIONSHIP REPORT- 5 Secrets You Should Keep From Your Partner: People always say you should tell your partner everything. But let's be real, if we did that, we'd all end up alone. Men's Health magazine reminds us of a few things we should keep to ourselves...

 1. You Don't Turn Me on Right Now. There are days when your significant other walks into the room and everything sparkles -- and then there are those moments when they aren't at their best. Don't mention how un-sexy he or she looks at the moment. They probably know it, and most certainly don’t want to hear it.

 2. I Flirt With Others at Work. About 40% of men and 35% of women have lusted after a co-worker -- without ever making a move. Nobody wants to think of their significant others spending 8, 10, or 12 hours a day around attractive co-workers, aka, temptation.

 3. I Can't Stand Your Friends. You may not like them, but your partner has more history with them than with you. Nixing a friend or friends is a relationship deal breaker, according to 83% of men surveyed and 62% of women.

 4. I Still Think About My Ex. Thanks to Facebook, people are reconnecting with old flames all the time. You put your exes in the past -- do the same with any conversation about them.

 5. I Can't Live Without You. Number one, that's not true. You can live without them. And number two, the key to a successful long-term relationship is to have your own life. Never say "I can't live without you." A partner should never feel trapped.

OK, WE’RE AXING: What secret or secrets are you keeping in order to keep the peace in your relationship?


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