16-year-old Samantha Aguilar was killed when she was thrown from a carnival ride she was on at a bazaar at St. Thomas Aquinas Church on April 29th. The Diocese placed a temporary moratorium on the use of all mechanical rides at any church function after that tragic accident. The Diocese says that moratorium will remain in effect until further notice.

I saw a post for an event page from St. Thomas Aquinas for a bazaar scheduled for July 29th, three months to the day that Samantha died. Church bazaaars and kermezs are frequently held to raise money for parish activities, and they are often held in the summer. The St. Thomas Aquinas event page says this is their annual bazaar and that all proceeds will be used "to benefit the construction of a parish memorial in honor of Samantha Aguilar."

There is no depiction on the event page nor the church's page about what the memorial will look like. I spoke to a woman who answered the phone at St. Thomas Aquinas and she said she does not know what the memorial will look like, nor how much is expected to be raised by the bazaar. She also did not know how much will be spent on the memorial to Samantha Aguilar. The woman I spoke to assured me, however, that there would be no mechanical rides at the bazaar.

The Diocese of El Paso said that the decision to hold the bazaar was not their decision, but that of the parish pastor, and the date of the bazaar was also the decision of St. Thomas Aquinas church.