Just this spring, the El Paso Zoo welcomed many new babies of several species. We checked back with the zoo this August for a look at how they’ve grown!

On April 26th, the El Paso Zoo celebrated the birth of the first Pygmy Slow Lorises ever to be born at the zoo. The twins, named Steven Tyler and Kym Ly, weighed in at 24 grams each, which is about the weight of a single packet of sugar. How cute! This is them after birth.

El Paso Zoo
El Paso Zoo

How cute are these guys?! Take a look at them now. They’re in the nocturnal area of the zoo with their mom.

That’s them in the back!

They were easily enticed by grapes.


Up next are the prairie dogs. Two black-tailed prairie dogs were born this spring. At the time, they were small enough to ride on their mother’s back. Now, they’re almost full-grown.

Growing quickly, the babies look just like the adult prairie dogs.

On March 12 and 18th, two Spanish baby goats were born at the zoo. They were tiny then, but are nearly full-grown now.

Lastly, the baby hogs were born in the zoo's Paraje exhibit. Ossabaw Island hogs are a domesticated breed of pig that originally came from feral pigs on Ossabaw Island, Georgia, United States.

Big boys now.

 They grow so fast, which is the perfect reason to get to the zoo in the early spring and throughout the summer. For the remainder of August, you can take advantage of the zoo’s 1-2-3 deal! One great deal, two days a week, for $3.