I have been hearing that these guys put on a great show! Don't miss them Friday night at the El Paso Downtown Street Fest!

Adelitas Way's songs have a way creeping into my head and staying in there all day. This is not a bad thing for me but for whoever is around to hear my awful singing. I am excited to see them live and embarrassingly rock out amongst all you amazing people! I would say these are probably my top three songs, in no particular order,  to hear but I can't wait for the whole show!

I really love 'Criticize' because I think they have been spying on me. They are basically describing the way I act in relationships. Yes, I roll my eyes during arguments but who doesn't!

When I am not trying to kill my boyfriend, I like to dedicate this song to him, 'Alive'. I am not going to lie, this song made me cry the first time I heard it because I just love the lyrics or maybe it was that time of the month. Either way, I never get tired of it!

I first heard 'Invincible' on WWE Monday Night RAW and was instantly hooked. Yeah I admit it, I watch wrestling sometimes. It's a great song to workout to or to rock out to when you are pretending to be John Cena. I think these guys are going to bring the intensity with this song Friday so don't miss it!