Why does Starbucks hate Christmas? That's what a bunch of silly people with nothing better to do want to know.

Starbucks unveiled its holiday cup, and unlike years past when there were snowmen, dogsleds, and snowflakes, this year's cup is just a cranberry red with a green Starbucks logo on it. Simple, plain, and the work of the devil, apparently. Christians, who must have gotten secret Starbucks holiday cups with baby Jesus floating on them in previous years, say that the red cup is devoid of any Christmas mention, and is therefore a cannonball in the war against Christmas.

Nevermind that Starbucks has never had a religious symbol on it's holiday-themed cups, like, ever. Nevermind that the red cup is Starbucks way of giving you something to doodle on and "create your own stories" during the holiday rush.

With more and more political correctness surrounding Christmas - stores having 'holiday sales', advertising 'holiday trees', wishing their shoppers 'Happy Holidays' - there is a worry that Christ is being taken out of Christmas in many ways. Starbucks issuing a plain red cup, however, is not one of them.

Instead of looking to a coffee seller as the standard bearer of what is and isn't 'Christmas', let's use our time wisely to make sure we know what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown, and keep it in our hearts, not expect to find it in our takeout coffee cups.

Merry Christmas!