You know Mike and I love to talk ghosteses on the Morning Show, but Mike just likes to do it because he thinks I'm crazy for believing in them.  But lots of people really believe Casper and his pals "live" in their house.  But could your poltergeist really be your cat?

The folks at RealSimple say doors that open and close mysteriously, things that move, and even phantom voices can all be explained away.

Yeah, whatevs.  I KNOW my house is haunted, but in a good way.  One night, my family was over at my house for dinner.  It was fall, just chilly enough to have all the windows in the house closed at night.  We had finished eating and I was holding my 2 1/2 year old niece in my lap and playing pat-a-cake.  All of my family was in the kitchen, like 20 of us, when my niece turned around in my lap, looked at the doorway of the den, and in a very clear voice said, "Hi, Grandmama!"

The whole kitchen got quiet because that is what we called my Dad's mom, and she passed away over 20 years ago.  There was no way my niece could have known to say that.  And then my Dad and I smelled cigarettes and pancake makeup.  My Grandmama smoked, and like ladies of that era, wore a certain makeup that had a very specific smell.  My niece said 'hi, Grandmama' a couple more times, smiled and laughed, and then put her hands up for me to keep playing with her.  She's never said it since, but I smell cigarettes and pancake makeup in my house occasionally, and it is the most comforting thing I can imagine.

Have you been visited by one of your relatives?  Tell us about it!