Here it is fellas, from a woman, let me tell you what we don't want to hear and why...


Patty Campos
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    Just remember guys, she's taking her time to get ready for YOU. Now if it's hours and hours, that's just ridiculous! I'll give you that. A woman that gets ready and not over ready shouldn't take longer than and hour and a half in my eyes.

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    "The Game is on!"

    Now this statement particularly for me doesn't matter. I'm usually the one to say this to someone. But not all women like sports (sad lives they lead). Just kidding! But yes guys, women don't want to hear this especially if you agreed to something during a game. Check your game schedules before opening your mouth!

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    "May I Give You A Kiss?"

    Don't ask. Just do it! Confidence is sexy and all women, and I mean ALL OF US want a passionate unexpected kiss with a neck and hair grab. Total turn on.

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    "You're insane."

    Once you're in a relationship, maybe you can say this jokingly. But when you're just starting out, those words can be poison to women. They'll automatically think you think they are psycho.

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    "Who's that girl?"

    This may just be a simple question, but sometimes us women are just silly! Sometimes we may take this offensively thinking you're thinking its someone to be suspicious about. When in reality half the time we don't even remember other guys or who they are.

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    "Are you going to eat all of that?"

    If you don't know why you shouldn't say these words to a woman, you should just stay single forever and probably will.