For years, there had been rumors of a lost opportunity to bring Six Flags to El Paso, but there has never really been confirmation that there was ever a serious chance at having one here.  But it's fun to wonder what might have been if Six Flags had come to El Paso.  It's even more fun to wonder what might have happened to our city if a lot of other opportunities in past had been taken.....


A friend of mine, Chris Babcock, who works for our news partner, KVIA, is a really proud El Pasoan.  He believes the possibilities in our little city on the border are endless, if we would just seize them!

To that end, he decided to do some digging and find out about the lost Six Flags opportunity, and ended up writing a great guest column on one of my favorite political blogs, The Lion Star Blog, by Jaime Abeytia.

Chris wrote the column as a visitor to present day El Paso by a citizen of 'Alternate-El Paso'.  Our visitor explains how his 'El Paso' grew and thrived into a vibrant city with professional sports, a Tier 1 University, and prosperous citizens.

'Alternate-El Paso' has Six Flags Over Ascarate, Wet-N-Wild Schlitterbahn, major league soccer, professional football, a NASCAR track, and a light rail public transportation system.  Chris took the time to put the pieces together in a really fun column that shows how a city builds itself to a world-class destination over decades.

There are cities that have major amusement parks, professional sports, and Tier 1 Universities in our world - let's hope the move toward Triple A baseball will set us on the path to bigger and better things.  But for now, check out the column by Chris Babcock and check out his vision of 'Alternate-El Paso'!  Just follow the link above and scroll down a bit until you see the column titled, 'Greetings From Alternate-El Paso'.