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Mike and Tricia Mornings

Hosted by MikeTricia

Mike Martinez

Mike Martinez, co-host of Mike and Tricia in the morning, has been a staple in the KISS-FM studios for over twenty years. His quick wit and love of all things cute and adorable on the internet brings lighthearted fun…


Hosted by Monika

Monika has found her way between two worlds, pumping out today’s best mix as your afternoon jock and as brand manager for KISS-FM. Her love of music started at the very tender age of six years old, raised on a steady diet of all t…

PopCrush Nights

Hosted by Lisa Paige

PopCrush Nights is a new nationally syndicated show that blends Pop Culture, Celebrity News and Today’s Best New Music. PopCrush Nights is hosted by Lisa Paige, best known as a dynamic and personality driven talent with stops at 9…