It's the Christmas season, and that means shopping at the mall, partying with your buddies at the club, and going to restaurants to chow down on some delicious seasonal goodies. All that being out in public also means you'll probably need to answer nature's call. So, do you sit your butt down on the seat that thousands of other butts have sat down on, or do you do the pee-pee dance until you can get home?

When I was growing up, my mom scared the daylights out of us by saying we could get some horrible disease, or, worse yet, pregnant, if we sat on a toilet seat without putting a half a roll of toilet paper down first. As I got older, I just perfected the 'hover over the toilet' technique. But, is all that necessary?

Ok, I'll wash my hands, but I'm still going to hover - not because I'm worried about germs anymore, but because I don't want that gross feeling of a warm toilet seat on my butt! EWWWWWW! That's someone else's butt warmth!