I cannot believe how stupid people are.

I just read this story that says officials at Penn State don't know if or when the statue of Joe Paterno will ever be taken down from in front of their football stadium.


Have you seen the statue?  It looks like this:

I imagine that it supposed to be JoePa leading his team on to victory, but now it looks like it's saying, "I'm the one person who should have done something to stop this horror, but I didn't."

I've seen polls all over the place asking if the statue should be torn down.  There are some people who voted that it should stay up because Paterno had done so much good in his life.

Excuse me while I throw up.

If Paterno's son or grandson had been in that shower with Sandusky, I think we would be reading about JoePa tearing Sandusky limb from limb, not protecting him.  Why didn't Paterno do as much for those children who were placed in his care?  Anything good he ever did in his entire life has not only been tarnished, it has been erased.

I want you to imagine someone bigger than you brutalizing you in the manner that Sandusky brutalized those boys.  Imagine the pain and the shame and the horror visited upon those children.  Imagine that happening to your 10 year old son.

This is the face of a predator who destroyed little children for his own pleasure.

This is the person who knew it was happening and covered it up to protect himself.

The damage he did is unimaginable.  He is a monster.  Tear down the damned statue and erase his name from history.