Ah, the Fourth of July – hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, time off from work, patriotic music, and fireworks!  Or not…..

For the past couple of years, the County of El Paso has banned fireworks because of drought conditions, and because people are pigs and don’t clean up after themselves in Montana Vista where most go to shoot off fireworks and leave a colossal mess!

Anyhoo…  El Paso County Commissioners were talking about fireworks during their weekly meeting yesterday, and it turns out, the State Legislature wants to prevent all counties in Texas from banning fireworks.  They are siding with fireworks business owners who say bans mess with their business, and with charities who fundraise for sports teams by selling fireworks.

If you’ve ever seen Montana Vista after the Fourth of July, you know what a mess it is, and in these times of drought, what a fire hazard fireworks are.  So what do you think?

Should Texas counties have the right to ban fireworks, or should the State make that decision?

I think you should just go to the Streetfest and watch the best fireworks show in town!