This is a hot bed issue with many people. Many dog lovers see their dogs as family. "Family kiss and hug each other" says dog lover Lisa. Its the same with my dog. He is family. "I don't let my dog any where near my face" saysanother dog owner.

From a scientific standpoint, is their a danger in letting your dog lick you mouth? The answer is probably not.

Dr. Paul Maza, co-director of the health center at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University, was asked how close is too close when it comes to your pet? She said many of the bacteria in a dog's mouth is similar to the bacteria found in a human's mouth. Dr. Maza goes on to say that if you brush you dog's mouth, then he may have less bacteria than any human. "You can probably catch more kissing a human" says Maza.

Wait! But what about the fact that a dog licks him/herself down there? He/she is licking poop! Grooooosssss! We asked Dr. Paul Maza that question. Fecal matter could be considered comparable to any other normal bacteria,” he said. Taxolpasmosis, or certain parasites that have eggs in fecal matter — the transmission of parasites can cause disease in people. But again, it doesn’t happen very often, it is unlikely,” he said.

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