Remember that old prank call joke, "Do you have Prince Albert in a can?  You do?  Well, you better let him out!"  Well, it's no joking matter that tv icon, Sherman Hemsley, is stuck in a freezer in an east El Paso funeral home a month after he died.


Hemsley, who lived in El Paso for years, was found dead in his bed by his nurse on July 25th.  An autopsy later revealed that he had a large mass on his right lung.

He was a fixture in east El Paso, often walking to the grocery store and having lunch at his favorite restaurant.  He even signed the wall at Rick's, formerly known as Primo's.

Now, however, he's lying in a funeral home freezer because after he died, a man in Philadelphia came forward and said he's Sherman's brother and he not only wants his money, but his body as well.


The woman who lived with Sherman for 10 years, Flora Enchinton, says she's never heard of the "brother".  Enchinton is called "beloved partner" in Sherman's will, and is also named his sole heir.  That means she would not only get his stuff, but also be able to bury the poor man.

Not gonna happen, at least not yet.

Sherman Hemsley's bio says he's an only child, but nooooo, this Philadelphia guy has tied up Sherman, legally speaking, by saying he's his brother, so there sits Sherman, alone, dead, and frozen in east El Paso.  For the time being, he's going to remain that way until the courts can figure out who gets Sherman and his cash.

Que sad.

Let's all light a candle - no, not to defrost poor Sherman - seriously, focus people.  Let's all light a candle and say a little prayer that this yahoo in Philly is quickly discredited and done away with, legally speaking, so that Sherman can be laid to rest.