Sherman Hemsley – better known as George Jefferson has passed away!

Sherman Hemsley was the loveable, stingy actor who portrayed George Jefferson in the sitcom – "The Jeffersons."

And for those of you that didn’t know – Sherman Hemsley lived right here in El Paso. He had the money and the fame and could have lived anywhere in the world yet he chose our city to live his life after carreer in TV.

I grew up watching the "Jeffersons" - I loved it! Before the "Huxtables" we had George Jefferson!

Hemsley also made guest appearances on other TV shows like ‘Sister Sister,’ ‘Family Matters,’ and ‘The Fresh Price of Bel-Air.’

Sherman Hemsely was 74, and although it seems that he passed away of natural causes it is not known exactly what the cause of death actually was.

RIP Sherman Hemsley You’re Moving On Up to the “Big” Deluxe Apartment in the Sky!!