When you think about sexy movies with food in them, people always say '9 1/2 Weeks' is the sexiest scene involving food ever. Meh. Kim Bassinger and Mickey Rourke were all about messy and silly, but this scene from 'Like Water For Chocolate' is hotter than anything those two did to each other on film!

In case you don't know, the storyline of 'Like Water For Chocolate' is Tita falls in love with Pedro, but she's the youngest daughter of a mean mom who has told her that she will never be able to marry because she will follow the family tradition of caring for her mother in her old age. Pedro marries Tita's sister, Rosaura, to stay close to her, and as you can see in the clip, occasionally, things get hot between Tita and Pedro, even when they're just sitting across the table from each other!