The El Paso County Sheriff's Department recently checked in on several hundred registered sex offenders to make sure they were not in violation of their parole or probation, and to ensure a safe Halloween for kids in their neighborhoods.

According to a department press release, none of the 216 registered sex offenders they targeted were cited for having Halloween decorations on their residence. In Texas, sex offenders on probation and parole can have Halloween restrictions placed on them, which can include not putting up Halloween decorations that could possibly lure kids to their homes, no wearing costumes, no answering the door to children or passing out candy and no going to Halloween parties children will be attending.

If you’re worried a registered sex offender might be living near you, there are a couple of websites you can visit that pinpoints the location of his or her residence.

The first one from, has a map of where they live as well as the name, address, physical description and details of the crime.The other registry is run by the Texas Department of Public Safety. This one allows you to search by zip code, address, name, etc.

I encourage you to review the list and learn where sex offenders and child predators live in your neighborhood to keep your children safe -- not just on Halloween but every day.