I was at a remote earlier today and had the pleasure to work with a couple of people wearing some pretty spiffy Christmas sweater-vests.   After we shared a good laugh, we began talking about some of the more impressive Christmas sweaters we’ve seen (and how they can really be a thing of beauty).

Alexus, Alex and Serenity - Photo by Alex Chavez

Sam, our hard-working remote tech liked the sweaters too.

Alexus, Sam and Serenity - photo by Alex Chavez

It’s only fair that I reveal the sweaters me and my nephew wore a couple of years back.  Surprisingly, my nephew didn’t disown me and instead decided to totally own the sweater.

photo by Alex Chavez

Now that I’ve shared our “ugly” Christmas sweaters, I’m curious to see yours.   I’ll post the pictures in a blog between now and the holidays.  You can submit your pictures via e-mail at achavez@ksii.com or share it through my Facebook page.  Please make sure you leave your name and/or the name of the photographer so that I can give you credit for the photo.

If you're looking for help making your own sweater, Youtuber NonaChewy has you covered.