UPDATE - SELENA GOMEZ BAILED ON REHAB: We learned yesterday that SELENA GOMEZ secretly spent two weeks in rehab last month, but only because she bailed out on the program early. The inside source told TMZ Selena ignored the advice of the facility's staff and bounced 4 weeks earlier than recommended so she could attend the Sundance Film Festival. Word is she assured her people she would return to the facility after the film festival, but then decided there was no longer any need.

Although her rep confirmed Gomez did seek help, he insisted it was "not for substance abuse." There's no word what she did go for, but word on the street is that Justin was a bad influence, and that hanging out with him and his buddies led to her "partying very hard" and experimenting with alcohol and prescription drugs.

TODAY IN JUSTIN BIEBER NEWS - JUSTIN ACCUSED OF BEING ‘EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE’ TOWARDS FLIGHT ATTENDANT: A new report claims federal agents had to board a private plane JUSTIN BIEBER was flying on because he was smoking pot, and being "extremely abusive" to the crew.

This time, it isn't just gossip site silliness; there's an actual police report. According to the official account obtained by NBC News, the air in the plane was “so thick” with smoke, the captain warned Justin and his friends on "several occasions to stop smoking marijuana." It got so bad the pilots had to strap on their oxygen masks to avoid getting a contact high.

In addition, the captain also ordered Justin and his peeps to, quote, "stop their harassing behavior toward the flight attendant," who NBC says had to take “refuge” in the cockpit. The woman told authorities Justin and his father were, quote, "extremely abusive verbally."

When the plane arrived at New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport it was searched by authorities, who smelled marijuana but failed to find any pot.

SUPER BOWL SCANDAL PART DUEX - DID DAVID BECKHAM STUFF HIS DRAWERS FOR HIS SUPER BOWL AD?: On the heels of the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s air guitar scandal, comes another controversy -- this time centering on DAVID BECKHAM’S bulge. David is being accused of stuffing in that H&M underwear ad he did for the Super Bowl. A so-called "stylist" who worked on the commercial claims "David is definitely 'enhanced' for [the ad]. In order to make the bulge look so pronounced in the photos, his underwear has to be carefully stuffed and padded to create the illusion."

Beckham's rep denies the allegation. "It's all natural," he says. Stuffed or packing, when David Beckham runs around in his skivvies, we all win. Am I right, ladies?

CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKEUP: SCARLETT JOHANSSON and KATE WINSLET went bare-faced for Vanity Fair's Hollywood issue. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

KIMYE WEDDING MOVED UP: KANYE WEST and KIM KARDASHIAN were initially planning to get married in July, but now Us Weekly says that they’ve decided to move their Parisian wedding date up from to May. They don't offer an explanation, but the celebrity news site Hollywood Life claims Kim wants to move the wedding up because she wants to have another baby. Sources say she debated on being a pregnant bride, but nixed the idea in favor an earlier date. She wants to try for Baby Number Two this summer.