Southern New Mexico's newest attraction can take you to some top speeds. How about zip lining at speeds over 65 mph? Now you can!

Ski Apache introduced three new zip lines to take adventure seekers down the mountain top and this time around at top notch speeds. The zip line starts at 11,500 feet and can take you up to speeds over 65 mph.

Sounds fun to me! Some customers have been clocked at going 72 mph. The three zip lines were installed just in time for summer for customers to still enjoy the mountain even without the snow.

Customers can control their speeds while going down the zipline with just a pull of the handle, so you won't have to be scared to get on if slower speeds are your thing. Ski Apache is located in the Mescalero Mountains of Southern New Mexico, about a 2 and a half hour drive from Las Cruces, NM.