When you were going to high school, summertime was party time!  But now that you're out of school, summertime is high school reunion time.  Yikes, or yay?  How do you feel about high school reunions?

I ask because a friend of Darren's and mine left for her h.s. reunion in Phoenix yesterday.  It's her 20th, and she spent the last six months dieting and exercising to get ready!  She did a great job and managed to drop about 15 pounds and a couple of dress sizes, but she was still worried about seeing all those people from back in the day.  She didn't go to her 10th because she was in the hospital having her first baby, so this will be the first time she's seen a lot of those people since they were all wearing caps and gowns.

Her flurry of activity got me to thinking about my next reunion.  It will be my - gulp - 30th!  I graduated from Burges High School in 1984.  It was a great class and we're all very proud of our most celebrated  classmate, Danny Olivas, who is an astronaut!

Well, in a haze of nostalgia, last week, I decided to walk the halls of W. H. Burges High School for the first time in 28 years!  Seriously, I hadn't been back since I graduated!  It was fun, and I would like to thank Principal Randall Woods and Assistant Principal Scott Gray (who happens to be the husband of Stephanie Valle, yes, THAT Stephanie Valle!), for letting me barge in on their workday to snap some pics and remember what it was like to be Patricia Martinez, major-league high school dork!

I walked into the front of the building and was greeted by the front hall icon, the golden Mustang!

It's amazing how much bigger it looked when I was but a goofy high schooler!  I don't remember there being a rope around it back then, but you know kids today - they're probably always trying to take questionable Facebook photos with the Mustang!

Because I was a visitor, I followed the rules and went and found the head of the school, Principal Woods.  He was hard at work beautifying his campus!

I got the go ahead to go ahead and wander around, so I headed to the Stairway to Heaven, or in this case, the staircase to the second floor! 

At the top of the stairs, I saw the room where I learned how to type on a, wait for it, MANUAL typewriter!  We didn't need no stinkin' ELECTRIC typewriters, no sir!  Until you could prove that you typed a certain speed on a manual beast of a typewriter, you didn't graduate to a "cutting-edge" electric one!  The class was called "Office Machines", and you learned how to type and use a host of other office machines that are now all contained in your average 10 year old's Smartphone! 

Just outside that classroom was where my locker was:

I decided that I had waxed nostalgic long enough, took a final picture of the Mighty Mustang, had a final look at my beloved Burges High, and went home.

What high school did you graduate from here in the EP?  Will you be going to your reunions?  Why or why not?  What do you remember and miss most about your high school days?