‘Tis the season to get the crap scared out of you!  Yup, there’s nothing like a scary movie, but did you know that all your current favorites have been remade, or are remakes of old, scary movies?

Carrie’, the story of Carrie White with a cray cray mom, who gets bullied into until she is unleashes her telekinetic powers to destroy the senior prom, was just remade and released this year.  But the original, which was made in 1976, starred ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’ Sissy Spacek, John Travolta, and Amy Irving.  This is possibly the only scary movie I’ve ever seen, and this is the scene that made me never want to see another scary movie!  It's quality, but you get the idea!


‘The Ring’ was originally made in 1998 in Japan.  I wouldn’t suggest watching it, though, because unless you can solve its mystery, it will kill you!  The 2002 remake starred ‘Princess Diana’ Naomi Watts, but if it’s a video that kills you, does that mean watching it on Netflix keeps you safe?  This is the original, Japanese trailer:


‘Dawn of the Dead’ was made in 1978, way before the current zombie craze.  As in the original, the remake takes place after a worldwide plague that spawns flesh-eating zombies (are there any other kind)?  The movie happens in a mall, which is the perfect hunting ground for food-court fed zombie snacks!


‘Friday the 13th’ took on a whole new meaning when Jason Voorhees first terrorized a group of teens at Camp Crystal Lake in 1980.  You would think that when a whole new group of teens stumbled on the Camp in 2009, they would have known what was going on behind that mask!  Don’t they get Netflix?

Did you recognize a very young Kevin Bacon?  So, what do you think - Team Originals or Team Remakes?