I have to admit, I listened to all the critics who said Sex and the City 2 was awful.  "Save your money!", they said.  "Really crappy!", they said.  And I listened.  Then I found myself alone this weekend and SATC 2 premiering on HBO......

I decided to give Carrie and the girls a chance.  I made some popcorn the old fashioned way on the stove without butter, but with salt, poured a glass of tea and settled in.  I have to admit, the whole "flashback" thing that everyone was making so much fun of, was actually pretty cool.  I wish they had spent more time on that instead of the endless "mid-east fantasy trip" part of the movie.  I liked Charlotte's difficulties with being a mom - we've all been there, albeit not in a Park Avenue apartment!  I was glad to see career obsessed Miranda realize that she could have a high powered career and still be the mom she wanted to be.  And I loved the Carrie/Big storyline that finds them a little complacent in their usually red-hot soooooper sexy lives!  It's not easy to keep the lust part of a relationship at the forefront, and Carrie and Big found that out.  Great movie so far, right?  Wrong.  I HATED the Samantha storyline.

I know Samantha is supposed to be the I-Am-Woman-Hear-Me-Roar, (a song that was featured in the movie), female of the group.  But watching her deal with menopause, in extremely graphic ways, turned my stomach.  I don't need to see her sitting at her desk at work with her panties around her knees getting ready for a lunch date.  Did you lose YOUR lunch with that sentence?  Well, DVR SATC 2 and skip the Samantha only moments.  Truly a waste of time in a very long movie. 

The fantasy trip part of the movie was interesting and the part that most critics had a problem with.  They said that in this economy, it was wrong to show the ladies galavanting off on a trip that was probably a 200 thousand dollar trip.  Feh!  Take a look at the movies made in the darkest days of the Depression in the '30's, and you'll see the exact same story lines.  Rich beyond imagination people wearing clothes and jewelry and living in places that 99% of Americans would never be able to afford.  People ate that stuff up in the Depression!  I think SATC 2 was trashed by critics because it would be politically incorrect to say, "What a great movie!  Silly, fluffy, improbable, just the type of unreality we need in this all too real world!"  At least, that's what I'm saying!  If you, like me, stayed away from Sex and the City 2 because of all the bad press it got, spend a little time with HBO and check it out.  You won't be disappointed! 

Except when Samantha is on screen.