So we all heard of the beating Chris Brown allegedly gave to Rihanna, but now some NEW and juicier news is OUT about Chris, Trey and Martyn??? I'll explain!

This is a pretty wild story, but it's out there, so it might as well be blogged about! Rumor has it that the real reason Chris Brown attacked Rihanna was because she found out he was with another DUDE!! 

Supposedly, Chris had a thing going with R&B singer Martyn, which they talked about in "private" Twitter messages. I don't have Twitter, but even I know nothing on the net is "private"! C'mon!

Anyways, someone who worked for Martyn screen captured those conversations, and sent them to Chris Brown in an e-mail.  And when Rihanna started checking Chris' cell phone, THAT'S what she saw! Yikes! And supposedly it also mentions that Trey Songz was also involved with Martyn in the horizontal polka! WOW! Let's see where this story goes!