The Christmas season can be one of great joy, but for those facing a difficult time because of finances, the holiday season can be one of heavy hearts and despair. That's why a few years ago, we started A Christmas Act of Kindness. Because sometimes the best way to keep our spirits alive is by helping keep others spirits alive.

The latest listener to help us pay it forward was Rosa Estrada. Rosa reached out to tell us about her friend's daughter, Amanda.

"Amanda is not working and my friend really can't help her out at this time because she is barely making it herself. My friend tells me that she is afraid the kids will not have a Christmas this year. I hate to think that the kids will wake up Christmas day with no gifts to open due to the situation that their mother is in."

Thanks to Rosa, we were able to gift Amanda $500 in Christmas cash. We hope that in blessing others you are encouraged do random acts of kindness as well. Be blessed, and Merry Christmas!