A mug shot of a guy busted on a felony weapons charge has gone viral because women on the Internet are going nuts over how ridiculously good looking he is. After thirty-year-old Jeremy Meeks was arrested by Stockton, California police earlier this week, they posted his mug shot on the department Facebook page.

Since the photo went up on their wall, it's gotten more than 51,000 Likes, 5,000 shares, and 15,000 comments -- the majority from women expressing how good looking Jeremy is. Here's a sampling:

“He is soooo beautiful, he should be a model!”
“Sweet Jesus he is gorgeous!”
“Such a bad boy....your gonna need a whipping!!!! Come to mama!”
“Wow be my baby daddy”

Must be the cheekbones. And those eyes. Day-um! Sadly, ladies, he's already spoken for.