Babies are soooo beautiful, aren't they?  They're soft, they smell good, and they can melt even the grinchiest heart with just a little laugh or coo.  Awwww.... So why has a restaurant in North Carolina banned them?  And why do I wish more restaurants would do the same?

Babies and small children ARE cute - when they're well-behaved.  When they're unhappy about being cooped up in a restaurant high chair, or running around like whirling dervishes, well, the LAST thing they are is cute! 

That's why the stand taken by the Olde Salty restaurant should be applauded!  How many times have you gone to a sit down restaurant, not a fast food place or a "family friendly" establishment, and been confronted with a family who is ignoring the volcano erupting in the high chair?  As a parent, you know if your kid can handle a meal out, and if you think that it's just too bad if your kid is screaming his guts out while we're trying to have a nice meal, then I think we should be allowed to go to your home and bother the daylights out of you for however long your kid did it to us!

Ok, before I have parents with pitchforks storming the station, check out the story, then tell me YOUR worst "kid in a restaurant" story!