THE END OF THE ROAD: Eharmony surveyed their members to find out why men fall out of love. Here are the top reasons:

  • You two are always talking business – Be it work related or kid and home-life related, when it dominates your everyday conversations it can seem like you are business partners and that can lead to the romance fading.
  • He thinks of you as his mom. Yes, it's hard not to nag about the clothes on the floor or to remind him to eat his vegetables because you care -- but, remember, you are his partner -- not his mommy.
  • He doesn't think you are on his side -- He wants you to be there for him when the going gets rough. He wants you to be loyal.
  • He sees you as being high maintenance. This may have been something he could put up with at the beginning of the relationship, but over the years can become quite the  turnoff for him.
  • He doesn't think you admire him -- Many psychologists and therapists agree that women want to be cherished and men want to be admired.
  • He associates you with bad news -- You always have something bad to tell him the minute he walks in the door, and it makes him think of YOU that way.

Source: eHarmony