WHEN DOES FLIRTING BECOME CHEATING?: Flirting with someone other than your partner is usually pretty harmless -- most of the time. It’s when certain boundaries are crossed that you begin swimming in dangerous waters. Here, according to a group of family therapists consulted by Live Science, are some red flags you should look out for:

It's secretive. If you're deleting emails or texts -- that's a red flag. Deleting means you're hiding something and that you know your partner would be upset to read them.

It's sexual. As soon as your flirtation shifts to a more sexual tone, you're in trouble.

Time. If you're spending a big chunk of time e-mailing or chatting with this "friend," this is a big red flag.

You're rationalizing. If your friendship is completely appropriate, you shouldn't feel the need to justify it by telling your partner "We're just friends!"

Your partner doesn't like it. You get a red flag if your partner isn't happy about your communications with this person.

A friend voices concern. Pay attention if a good friend asks why you're talking to this person so much or tells you to stop obsessing about them.

Source: Yahoo