BAD MAN-NERS: From loud eating to leaving the toilet seat up, certain male habits can really get under a woman’s skin. Here's what a human behavior expert consulted by MSN has to say about some common bad habits and what they say about the man ...

  • Leaving dirty dishes. Men who leave their dirty dishes in the sink are thoughtless and not very considerate of their partner. They also tend to not be organized and are probably procrastinators.
  • Not opening doors. Depending on the relationship, the man is either unromantic or thoughtless.
  • Biting his nails. This behavior is a sign of insecurity, nervousness and stress.
  • Cursing. Foul language can be offensive, but obviously, a group of guys cursing at a football game is WAY different than a guy cursing in front of his boss or your parents!
  • Leaving the toilet seat up. A man who does this – especially if you’ve pointed it out to him repeatedly -- is more interested in showing you who’s boss than keeping harmony in the home.
  • Slurping food. A loud eater is (subconsciously) trying to get attention. He wants to be the focus pretty much all the time.