SIGNS HE’S NOT OVER HER: So the new guy you’re dating is great, he’s fantastic; he’s all that and then some! But you can’t help but think maybe he’s not completely over the ex yet.  How can you be sure you’re not competing with his unresolved feelings? By watching out for these red flags, courtesy of the ladies at Glamour. You Know He’s Not Over His Ex When…

--They Text Constantly - If there is still a lot of texting going on between your man and his ex, and especially if he’s hiding them from you, or refusing to share what’s in them, then there’s a strong possibility that door is still open.

--He’s Her Handyman - If he’s on call every time her drain clogs, her tire goes flat or a lightbulb burns out, he’s still attached. The next time he goes to her rescue, go with him. If he freaks out that you want to go, then tell him not to come back!

--He Still Has Photos - Are there still pictures of her on his nightstand, on his phone, on his Facebook page? No. Just no. Enough said.

--He Trashes Her - If he’s over her, his feelings should be neutral, not nuclear!

--He Calls Her With Big News - Is she the first person he calls when something big happens in his life? Then SHE’S first in his life, not you. Either that changes, or his next big news call to her should be that you dumped him.