RULES TO KEEP HER HAPPY: Every guy who has ever paid one iota of attention to his lady's moods will tell you that life is so much easier when the wife or girlfriend is happy. Follow these rules to keep your honey happy without having to invest too much time or energy. It's a win-win, fellas!  ...

  • Small Acts of Kindness -- Small gestures like buying flowers and making dinner make the greatest impact, especially when they're least expected. If you do little things when everybody's happy, you'll be able to weather the storm easier when you mess up. And you know you will.
  • Stand Your Ground -- When fights break out, be angry not pathetic. When you check out during an argument and say, "whatever," she's going to think you don't care and then she’ll be on alert for more evidence to back up how she already feels.
  • Clean to Her Peeves -- You don't have to keep everything clean all the time. You just have to keep the mess out of her hot zones. Whatever you see her cleaning first -- the kitchen counter, the toilet seat -- is what you should be cleaning.
  • Don't Force Your Friends on Her -- If she can’t stand one of your friends, keep him out of her way and out of your conversations.
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